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I know very little about batman, I know the characters by name but not much else yet I still had WAY too much fun with this game, please make more and check out my experience below! <3

That was a fun video! Sorry Crane doesn't react even if yer naked.

And I'm planning more and bigger for the next time. so there is that. thanks for playing my game! I really appreciate it

Good game but you should archive your files don't let the players have access to the assets.

I have absolubtly no clue how to do that, but will cerntaly try to do that now. Thanks for the head up.

Follow the instructions provided in that thread.
That should do the trick.
Good luck.

Looked it up and done it, hoping no one looked at the stuff before but thanks for the help! Files have been archived

I don't usually play visual novels, but something about this caught my eye. I enjoyed your take on the different personalities of these big baddies. I'm so out-of-touch with batman comics that I totally forgot Mad Hatter was a real villain. Got carried away editing a video together, but it was all in good fun!


I'm glad you enjoyed the game, already told you on twitter but I'll say it again, I love this video (superb editing)!

My takes on the badies alaways scare me bcs well, gotta try new stuff, thanks for playing!

:) Keep making awesome stuff!

I loved this game! Especially the little Easter egg with the name ;) 

Great Job!

Hah! Thank you, I think that was my favorite bits, just name easter eggs. Glad you enjoyed  it!

A pretty quick and, very funny visual novel. spoiler alert I didn't make the henchman cut!

Hah! Could have been far worse, trust me! Thank you for playing my game